Top French Flicks


One of my favourite things to do on rainy weekends is to light a candle, snuggle up with a cup of tea (current favourite is Toasted Walnut Oolong from David’s Tea) and watch a French film. Here are some of my all-time favourite French flicks: if you’re ever in the mood to relax and get a healthy dose of culture française, check them out! (I’ve included links to the trailers but, in my opinion, these trailers don’t represent how amazing these films are so take that into account!)

Jeux d’enfants – starring Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet. So much more than a love story, this film has a deep story line that follows two childhood best friends as they grow up daring each other to do things, grow apart and come back together…

Les Intouchables – film about the unlikely friendship between a rich quadriplegic his caregiver… I can’t seem to write a description that would do this film justice, but please watch it, it’s absolutely amazing!

Les Choristes – a story about a failed composer turned supervisor at an all-boys boarding school for “difficult” children, who decides to start a choir. Watched this in French class when I was sixteen and I have to attribute much of the reason why I fell in love with French to this film. So much amazing singing as well – these boys have incredible voices.

4 thoughts on “Top French Flicks

  1. I was just about to ask you to recommend me a good movie in french! 🙂 I really liked Rust & Bone, have you had a chance to see it?
    Have you seen any good Quebec movies or shows?


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