How to Be an Organized Student



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Being organized is the key to success – especially when you’re a student. Here are some tips for staying on top of your courses this term:

Tip #1: Use a planner efficiently. When you take five courses at a time (like me), it’s imperative that you keep track of not only when assignments are due, but when you should start them. Working on assignments one at a time is not possible unless none of your due dates or exams conflict, which is highly unlikely.

Invest in a planner and pens that you love because it’ll motivate you to actually use them. I genuinely enjoy writing in my planner and I look forward to the moments when I can check something off (as pathetic as that might sound). At the beginning of each semester, I print out all my course syllabuses and write down every single due date in my planner, on the day in the week section that they’re due. This is important because it’ll allow you to visualize which weeks will be busier and plan accordingly.

It took a while for me to find a planner that was absolutely perfect (powder blue colour; large, slim size; minimalistic design formatted by week inside), but I ended up finding this beauty at Staples. Keep in mind that there are planners for the academic year (July-June) and ones for the regular year. Flip through a couple to find the right one for you!

Tip #2: Colour coordinate. I’ve found this method of organizing my planner to be most effective. I assign one coloured pen to a course at the beginning of the term and use them throughout, making everything aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand. I read somewhere that green calms the brain, which is why I reserve this colour for assignment due dates, quizzes, exams and presentations for every course. I also use highlighters, but only for the most important and urgent things in my agenda. You don’t want to over-highlight or you’ll defeat the whole purpose of making something stand out.

Tip #3: Download your class schedule onto a calendar app. Many universities offer the option of downloading your class schedule onto online calendar apps. Check in your course registration portal and you may be surprised to that this is offered by your school! If you have a smartphone, having your course schedule embedded into your daily calendar makes it incredibly easy to know when and where your classes are.

Let me know if you decide to use any of these tips and comment below with any tips that you may have on staying organized!

6 thoughts on “How to Be an Organized Student

  1. Happened to stumble onto your blog (c/o: CUS president), and am so glad I did! I’m addicted to finding the perfect agenda each year, so naturally this post caught my eye.

    One thing I started doing in my first year was colour coding according to commitments. Many do this, but I find my method is a bit more broad, but still useful. Ie. I use pink for social, blue for academic, green for extra-curricular, purple for to-do (cleaning, appointments, etc.). Over time I’ve added more categories, like yellow for bills/personal finance. But this way, I can scan my agenda or iCal and see if I’ve been disproportionately allocating between school and social (…) or if extra-curriculars aren’t getting enough attention, etc.

    There’s my two cents! See you around dahling.


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