The Results: Weekly Goal #1


Last Monday, I set a goal to exercise at least twice.

May not seem very difficult to many, but between a full five-course load, commuting, club meetings and working at a part-time job, getting myself to exercise during the school term is pretty difficult, and this week was just that.

Thanks to late nights spent working on assignments and finishing Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, the early mornings I planned for working out didn’t pan out. However, the goal I had set was always prevalent in my mind and the pressure of not letting myself down motivated me to get up and exercise during the weekend. My first weekly goal = success!

I feel accomplished and happy; I now know that I have the self-control and perseverance required to continue tackling goals throughout the year. I’m hoping to continue this practice every week, writing my goals down either on my blog or in my personal journal, and holding myself accountable the following Monday.

Consciously set yourself a goal at the beginning of this week, write it down and plan out how you’re going to achieve that goal (and prepare a Plan B if possible). Try it out – and take this week by storm!


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