Who knew reading could be so convenient?

I am an official eReader convert. After purchasing my first reading device three weeks ago, I’ve been shocked at how much more I’ve read than I used to. It’s so light and small that I can take it with me wherever, and I can whip it out easily at any time.

In the average week, I spend 10+ hours on public transit. I always dreaded the hours I would have to spend on public transit every day – hours that would be spent idly listening to old music and overusing data on my iPhone. Since I purchased this Kobo Aura, man, has it revolutionized my commuting experience! My commute now acts as a daily “reading time,” and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it.

I LOVE having an eReader. The ink screen is designed to look like the pages of a book and it really does, at least when the brightness is set low. I love how it doesn’t hurt my eyes when I look at it too long, like laptop or iPhone screens usually do. The touch screen technology is nowhere near as intuitive or speedy as my iPhone, but that’s to be expected of an ink screen. Oh, Kobo is also a Canadian company, which is why I purchased this particular brand. Gotta support them Canadians….

2 thoughts on “eReader?

  1. I love my ereader. I have a Kindle fire, which can get annoying sometimes for reading because the screen isn’t matte like the Kindle paperwhite or the Kobo. But I really like it, and I didn’t think I was going to be an ereader person.


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