Favourite Albums of 2014


My last post inspired me to share my favourite albums of 2014 – drum roll please…

1. Sadnecessary by Milky Chance – I love this album. I could play it on repeat (and admittedly have) since I discovered it in July 2014 when I was in Québec. Milky Chance is a German folk duo; they’re relatively new and not a lot of people know about them yet! Their “Stolen Dance” was playing everywhere this summer, but it’s definitely not the only song on the album worth listening to. If you could only listen to three songs off the album, I would recommend Stolen Dance, Sweet Sun and Fairytale.

2. AM by Arctic Monkeys – this album is the “new” Arctic Monkeys, according to die-hard fans. I’m relatively new to the band and I really enjoyed this album. I discovered AM around the same time as I did Sadnecessary (and Alternative music in general), so listening to this album makes me nostalgic for the summer! My favourite songs off the album are I Wanna Be Yours, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High, and No. 1 Party Anthem.

Feel free to share your top picks for 2014 below!

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